Founders Bob and Sandra Scott Garden Center
Plants to Repel Bugs

Mosquito Repellers

There was so much buzz this year about mosquito repelling plants. Ha ha. Citronella and lemon grass work very well in my opinion, and always sell out very quickly here … [read more]

Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil

The best potting soil

Establish your roots... is the first line of our slogan here at Long Hollow Gardens and Nursery. Good soil is the first step to great plants; it's absolutely critical. … [read more]

Organic insect control for bagworms

Organic Solutions

Dangerous insecticides really bug us. :-) In all seriousness, though, we try to encourage our customers to try an organic or all natural control first. For example, … [read more]


Our Favorite Trees

Our Senior Horticulturist, TreeMan Bob, has been growing and selling trees in Sumner County since 1974.  These are some of his tried and true favorites. Shade … [read more]